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TLH Quick Tips

Transitioning   Hair 


Getting small trims more often when growing out your relaxer or other chemical services will ensure your transition is smoother . Be sure to schedule a "deep conditioner" with your trim, this  will help replenish weak ends from over processing and  chemical services . These services should be done every 4-6 weeks .

Hair  Loss Prevention

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One remedy for hair loss in women is to follow a healthy diet. Make sure to include all vitamins and minerals in your diet which would improve the general health of hair. Vitamin B, Zinc and Calcium are very important for proper growth of hair and to prevent hair loss. Eat food like salmon, brown rice, and bananas etc that are rich in Vitamin B. Therefore improving the diet is one of the most important hair loss remedy for women.

Scalp Care


Your scalp is the foundation of healthy hair growth .Here are some tips to help keep your scalp healthy ,nourished , and stimulated .

Avoid product build up

Water your roots 


No direct heat on the scalp

Maintain a healthy diet 


Watch as we learn a little more about our hair care specialist and get insight on scalp , hair care and why deep conditioning is essential to your healthy hair journey.

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